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Chronic Pain

You have been diagnosed with Chronic pain. What is it? Is it all in my head? Nobody is listening!! Nobody understands!!

The Physiotherapists at Logan Physiotherapy have heard your concerns, we know what causes chronic and persistent pain and we have a passion for treating it.

Pain is a very personal and subjective experience. There is no test that can measure and locate your pain with precision. Physiotherapists rely on your description of the type, timing, and location of your pain. These descriptions are part of what is called the pain history, taken during the start of any Physiotherapy consult.

Chronic pain is pain lasting longer than normal healing times for damaged tissues, usually greater than 3-4 months. Chronic pain is a disease in itself and is more complex than just looking at the tissues, it can involve multiple body systems and always involves the central nervous system.

Chronic pain may occur anywhere in the body and for many different reasons. You and your Physiotherapist need to work together to identify the causes and symptoms of your pain and how it can be relieved. Technology can help us to form a diagnosis(?), but the best treatment plans are tailored to you, with input from healthcare team members, who understand chronic pain. You and your loved must also be actively involved in the treatment process.

The goal of treatment with chronic pain, is to reduce pain and improve function, so you can resume your day-to-day activities. There are many options for the treatment of pain, some are more effective than others. Whatever your treatment plan, it is important to remember that chronic pain usually cannot be cured, but it can be managed. Your pain levels can be reduced and you can increase your quality of life. Our team at Logan Physiotherapy love the challenge and complexity of chronic pain patients. If you are looking for treatment that is medically up date, professional and delivered with empathy and a focus on you as an individual, give us a call on 3200 8541.