Simple, long-term solutions


Group Exercise Classes

You are almost pain-free, your Physiotherapy treatment is coming to an end, you want to maintain your gains and keep the pain away. Nobody wants it to come back!

The best way to keep your pain away and start to make progress with your condition is to start doing exercise.

These exercises are unique, your Physio will use all the knowledge they have learnt about your body, your weaknesses, your strengths, the places you are tight, the spots that move too much. A program will be put together to work on all these issues to ensure that you get your best possible recovery. The programs entail strength exercises, core stability, body awareness, balance and stretching. Exercise has been proven to create better results if it is done in a group format, so you will have the help and motivation of others going through exactly what you are going through.

Group exercise classes are a great place for you to take your rehabilitation to the next level. Get involved and ask your Physio what you need to do, get a program drawn up and start seeing those goals get achieved.