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Have you qualified for a Workcover claim? Firstly, and most importantly you must have injured yourself at work, or more precisely between when you left home for work and then returned home from work. Ideally you will have reported it at your work and then have been seen by a GP. Workcover works mainly on an incidence of injury basis, although they do sometimes cover overuse injuries. It is much easier and more likely that they will approve a claim when you have been injured at work in a single incident. Your GP will write a medical certificate, either writing you off work, putting you on suitable duties program, or return to work but requiring treatment.

Workcover will now send you a claim number, usually by text message and quickly, it will then take about 6-10 days for your claim to be approved. At this stage if anything is going to hold up your claim it will be either paperwork from the doctor or paperwork from your employer. Don’t fall into the mistake of contacting your workplace, if you contact anyone, contact WorkCover and ask them what is holding them up and when it can be expected to be resolved and ask them for advice.

During this period, if you have a referral from your Dr, you will have been attending Physiotherapy, your Physiotherapist has 5 treatments pre-approved and if you fulfil the requirements above, we feel confident that your claim will be approved. Before you have completed these 5 sessions, your claim will most likely have been approved.

Your Physiotherapist will then be in contact with your case-manager and they will develop a treatment plan for you, which can include standard treatment, group classes, hydrotherapy and gym programs to mention a few. Your Physiotherapist will also be in contact with your doctor and develop a return to work program.

If your case is more complex an Occupational therapist may be involved in writing a return to work program for you, which in some cases will involve a host employer to provide you with a suitable duties program if your employer is unable to provide it for you.

Workcover is an insurance company, underwritten by the Government, but essentially it is an insurance company. In some cases, if you work for a large company like Woolworths or Coles, your employer may use their own insurance company. There are also some differences if you work for the Federal Government and are under the Comcare system. Each state also has differences, the above information is primarily for QLD WorkCover.

At Logan Physiotherapy we have seen thousands of WorkCover claims. Allow us to take the stress out of your Workcover claim. Let’s do this the easy way, rather than making it more difficult than it has to be.